Antonio Dawson
Full Name

Antonio Dawson




Chicago Police Department


Detective (Intelligence Unit)




Gabriela Dawson (Sister)
Laura Dawson (Ex-Wife)
Diego Dawson (Son)
Eva Dawson (Daughter)

Main Series

[[Chicago P.D.]]

Portrayed by

Jon Seda

Antonio Dawson is a detective with the Chicago Police Department and is second-in-command in the Intelligence Unit.


Antonio has a wife and two children, Diego and Eva. A devoted husband and father Antonio does his best for his family but his job gets in the way and makes it difficult.

Antonio's wife, Laura is not thrilled at the fact that he is returning to work, they argue and when he returns home from work his family is gone and Laura left a letter on the table for him.

Kidnapping of Diego

In reference to the episode:

Pulpo, a Columbian drug lord is arrested but one of his men, Mateo kidnaps Diego (Antonio's son). Mateo demands that Pulpo is released or he will kill Diego. Mateo attempts to flee to Indianapolis with Diego on a bus but the Intelligence Unit intercepts the bus.

Police Academy & Rookie Years

Antonio was partnered with Sean Patterson, Sean mistakenly filed for double overtime pay. This is a small infraction but an investigator with Internal Affairs decided to fire Patterson and take away his pension.

The shame of being fired from the department made Patterson commit suicide, leaving behind a wife and two children. Antonio blames the investigator for using Sean to climb the ranks.