Kelly Severide
Full Name

Kelly Severide




Chicago Fire Department


Firefighter (Rescue Squad 3)




Benny Severide (Father)
Brittany Baker(Wife; Separated)

Main Series

Chicago Fire

Portrayed by

Taylor Kinney

Kelly Severide is the lieutenant in-charge of Rescue Squad 3. Severide is known for his success with the ladies and his dedication and passion to the Fire Department, he is proud that he has made it to his current position without the help of his father.

Kelly's father, Benny Severide was in Rescue Squad 4 with Henry Mills and Wallace Boden.

Severide has many ex-girlfriends and flings, however the only relationships that seem to last are the ones that are non-sexual. Like his best friend Leslie Shay and his half-sister Katie Nolan, friendships rather than relationships.


Matthew Casey

Severide and Casey are co-workers and both lieutenants at Firehouse 51, the death of their close friend Andrew Darden the pair began to fallout as they both blamed each-other for his death.

Eventually they worked things out and understood it was neither of their faults, it was just an accident. The duo seem to get along now and are often seen risking their lives to safe one another.

Severide moves in with Casey and Dawson after the death of Leslie Shay, they continue to live together even when Dawson moves out.

Severide was asked by the relief Battalion Chief Pat Pridgen to spy on Casey and said "I'll make it worth your while". Severide declined the offer and said that Casey was "one of the finest firefighters I've had the opportunity to work with in the entire CFD..."

Casey is also the only person to refer to Severide as "Sev".

Leslie Shay

Severide and Shay were co-workers, best friends and room mates. The pair had a very strong bond even to the point where Leslie asked Kelly to donate sperm for her to conceive a baby, as she could not find a suitible sperm donor and wanted the donor to be apart of the child's life.

When Shay is killed in the line of duty, Kelly takes her death hard, he takes a leave of absence from the department for several months and begins to drink every night. The death of Shay has haunted Severide, he is often seen watching home videos that the pair recorded together, which brings happy tears to his face.

Katie Nolan

Katie Nolan is the half-sister of Severide, they share the same father "Benny Severide". Severide and Nolan become really good friends after Katie realises Kelly is nothing like his father. When Katie graduated culinary school Kelly was the only family member to attend, he also arranged a party for her after the ceremony.

Brittany Baker

Brittany Baker-Severide is Kelly's wide, the two first met on Kelly's weekend get-away to Las Vegas, the pair got married the same weekend and returned to Chicago that Monday.

The couple are currently separated because Brittany had to return to her home town as she was not over her sisters death and wanted to spend time with her parents.