Peter Mills
Full Name

Peter Mills




Chicago Fire Department


Restaurant Co-Owner


Henry Mills (Father)
Ingrid Mills (Mother)
Elise Mills (Sister)

Main Series

Chicago Fire

Portrayed by

Charlie Barnett

Peter Mills is currently living in North Carolina with his mother and sister, running their own restaurant. Mills was introduced in Season 1 as a Candidate Firefighter, he has proven himself to be determined and skilled in many ways. Due to his determination, Mills was transferred to Rescue Squad 3, however due to illness he was no approved for firefighter duty and was forced to transfer to Ambulance 61, he was later cleared for duty but decided to move to North Carolina because he wanted to be with his family.


Henry Mills was Peter's father, he was also a firefighter and was a member of Rescue Squad 4, with Wallace Boden and Benny Severide, but was killed in the line of duty.

Gabriela Dawson and Mills share a love for cooking, which often brings them together, on one occasion the pair began to discreetly date and eventually tell their co-workers, but Peter breaks up with Dawson after it is revealed that she knew his mother had an affair.